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Before the Bible


Ever wondered why there are 24 hours in a day? Did you know it was the Sumerians, not the Egyptians, who invented writing?


Join us for an evening of enlightenment as producer-director Becky Neiman presents a multimedia overview of her late father’s lectures. Before his death in 2004 Dr. David Neiman, a pioneering scholar in the field of biblical history, allowed his daughter Becky to record his lectures so future generations could continue to learn from him. The hour-long program features excerpts from Discovering Genesis and the Origins of the Biblical World, a video series produced in conjunction with The Biblical Archaeology Society.


With his uncommon ability to relate life in antiquity to a modern audience, Dr. Neiman gives rational insights into such subjects as the origins of writing, early mathematics, the founding of Christianity, and the story of Creation and early civilization.  Dr. Neiman’s sparkling oratory makes ancient history come alive as he separates Biblical fact from fiction.

As the producer of this amazing work, Ms. Neiman has put together an informative and entertaining evening that gives an overview of the breadth and scope of her late father’s work.  This event, with audio-visual footage and live narration by Ms. Neiman, is a self-contained presentation. With her own projector, screen and sound system, Ms. Neiman’s presentation will suit any venue, from large lecture halls to intimate salons.




Video clips from the presentation, “Before The Bible:


Before The Bible: Introduction


Dr. David Neiman background

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