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The Producer

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I am Becky Neiman, youngest of three daughters of Dr. David Neiman and the producer of his audio and video work.


I started this project long before YouTube existed, before Amazon Prime and before crowd-funding was a possibility. But I had a belief that this material was important. The way my father could convey complex Ideas about ancient history, science and religion in a simple, concise and entertaining manner was unique and I sensed it would appeal to a broader audience allowing many more to gain insight into our shared history.


Initially I planned to record just a few lectures. But after seeing and hearing the results I decided to do more.


I have edited 16 full-length video and 5 audiobooks. I still have more lectures “in the can” including  classes on the history of Kabbalah, Ancient Man and Archaeology and some remaining video. I also have archival recordings that span decades that and are sure to contain yet-to-be-discovered hidden treasures.


But the process of content creation takes a significant amount of time. With your help I will be able to spend more of my time on this important work.


Become a Hammurabi ($5) or Gudea of Lagash ($10) member of my Patreon.


Perks of Patronage:


  • You will have exclusive access to entire lectures. 

  • Early viewing of YouTube videos and updates on the production process.

  • Published papers

  • Personal writings

  • Video streams where I shed additional light on the life and work of my father.


With your support I can:


  • Produce more videos and audio content

  • Digitize delicate magnetic tape.

  • Interview scholars, archaeologist and other individuals who focus on areas related to ancient history and relgion

  • Produce the work of other scholars who my Patrons believe are worthy of such treatment.

Join my Patreon and share the intellectual wealth of a great scholar.

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